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Why the TPASA is the Best Union for Teachers and Educators

What makes the TPASA the best union for teachers and educators across Australia?

From comprehensive insurance coverage and expert legal representation to dedicated advocacy for better working conditions, enterprise bargaining, and professional development (PD), we are committed to providing you with all the necessary tools and resources to support you and enhance your career. 

Behind the Membership Fees: TPASA vs. AEU/IEU SA

AEU & IEU SA Full Time membership costs an average of $722, whereas TPASA membership is notably...

Case Win: Resolving Workplace Injustice

How TPAA Safeguarded a Members’ Professional Reputation in Education

Education is one industry...

Media Release: Insulting Interference is Hurting our Teachers - World Teachers’ Day 2023

Today, as we celebrate and recognise the vital importance of teachers, we must focus on fixing the...